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All of our bands can supply recorded music in their breaks, or for an additional cost a DJ to play in between and after their last set. We can also arrange a microphone for speeches etc.

All the bands are happy to learn a special song for an opening dance etc, provided it is possible within the instrumentation of the band.
We are happy to help with suggestions of suitable tunes for a special occasion.

The stage size/performance space will depend on the instrumentation. If you have a venue in mind, we may have played there before, so we can advise you if it is suitable for the act you have in mind, obviously an acoustic trio will need a lot less space than a 6 piece rock band. Most bands have an ideal minimum stage size, but we are always flexible.

This depends on the band booked. Most bands are happy to play on the floor, but if there is space, a stage will add impact. Many venues have portable stages they can erect. We can also supply staging at an additional cost.

With the exception of solo performers and string quartets, all bands will have a basic lighting rig included. For larger venues lighting can be recommended and added as required. 

Depending on how much equipment a band has, the band will need time to set up and break down after the gig. As a rough guide, most 5/6 piece bands arrive 2 hours before the start time. If you need them to set up earlier, before your guests arrive for drinks or dinner, you should let us know at point of booking, to be sure they are available to make an earlier set up time. 

If you book a band to play during dinner and then again afterwards it is generally expected you supply them with a hot meal.  From the point of leaving home to returning home, the average time a musician will spend 8 hours on an engagement, so refreshments are essential in order for the band to give their best performance. Many bands have a rider with their requirements.

We are happy to advise you on the most suitable entertainment for your event, having spent many years working in the industry, we would like to think we have a feel for what works and what doesn’t.

All our performers are full time professional musicians and are quite happy to travel any distance. They regularly perform around the world.

With over 30 years experience in the music industry, we would like to think we can cover all eventualities at short notice.  In the very unlikely event of a band having to cancel or a member of the band being unable to perform, you can be assured we will be able to recover the situation through our many contacts in the industry.

Many of our bands regularly perform public gigs, please ask for details of where the band you are interested in is performing in the near future.

The band will need a room they can change in and use before and after they perform. It is also useful for them to have somewhere to go and relax in the band breaks.

All our musicians are required to have public liability insurance. Any musician who is a member of the Musicians Union is covered.

All equipment used will have a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) certificates. Many hotels and venues are now insisting on bands having test certificates. 

Many venues have sound limiters. Please advise us when making booking enquiry.
It is always best to check if your chosen venue regularly has bands play there, or we can do this for you.

Many of our musicians regularly play for West End Shows, Concerts, Cabarets etc. We can supply a band to back a Cabaret and then with the addition of singers can play a dance set.